• Northern Poultry Cluster Ltd’s (NPC’s) website www.northernpoultry.com.au is hosting the Loddon Mallee Intensive Livestock mapping system. It uses NationalMap as a base for exploring potential intensive livestock sites.
  • The system is intended to enable users to explore a wide range of relevant features that could influence a decision to locate intensive livestock activities across the Loddon Mallee local government areas. It is intended for ‘self-identification’ of suitable sites by investors, and does not provide recommended intensive livestock precinct areas.
  • Users of the system are able to easily select a wide range of data sets to assist in determining locations which may be suited to an intensive livestock operation. The system provides a list of possible data sets which could be of interest. Additional factors may also be selected by choosing the ‘select data’ option within NationalMap. Pre-selected data sets which can be viewed include:
    • Existing intensive livestock areas
    • Roads
    • Towns, urban areas and houses
    • Public land management overlay
    • Powerlines
    • Water infrastructure
    • Planning zones
    • Planning scheme overlays
    • Ground contours
    • Broadband ADSL availability

Click the button to the right to explore the mapping system: Go to Map

For registered users, click here for a more detailed map.

Further information, or assistance with the Intensive Livestock Mapping system can be sought from either: Buloke Shire Council (Contact: James Goldsmith, Economic Development Officer on 5478 0173 or email JGoldsmith@buloke.vic.gov.au), or Northern Poultry Cluster (Contact: Wayne Street, General Manager on 5428 1488 or email northern.poultry@streetryan.com.au).