Welcome to NPC Ltd

Northern Poultry Cluster Ltd (NPC Ltd) is a company representing a wide range of poultry industry members and stakeholders in north central Victoria. The region’s poultry industry includes over 55 businesses, supports around 3,000 jobs (full time and part time) and generates more than $600 million in annual contribution to the regional economy.

The regional poultry industry is one of the most significant agricultural and processing sectors in Northern Victoria.

Key members, associates and other stakeholders include:

Poultry processing and packaging businesses in north-central and north-west Victoria, including:

Poultry growers throughout the region

Veterinary, stock feed, equipment and systems suppliers to the regional poultry industry, including:

Retailers and food service businesses

Local government authorities:

The overall mission for NPC is...

“to enhance the long term sustainability of poultry production, processing and value-adding in the Northern Victoria region, and to maximise the attractiveness of the region as a location for investment in sustainable and biologically secure poultry business operations”.

Since its establishment in 2006, NPC has implemented a work program committed to collaboration among the members in both commercial and regional development oriented projects in the areas of

  • Poultry production systems and technologies
  • Waste and co-product management
  • Planning and bio-security controls
  • Stockfeed
  • Product value adding and new product development.

NPC has established an alliance company, Biochar-Energy Systems Pty Ltd.

NPC is active in the region through regular communications, events, forums, newsletters, and briefings relevant to its members and poultry industry issues.

NPC is an associate member of the Australian Poultry Cooperative Research Centre.