Biochar-Energy Systems Pty Ltd (BES)

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The Pyrolysis System.
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Why BES?

Since its inception, Northern Poultry Cluster Ltd (NPC) and its members have been assessing appropriate technologies to process and re-direct by-products, which have traditionally been treated as either low value (for industrial food applications) or waste, into more innovative and environmentally sustainable uses. NPC has identified practical possible courses of action that could be pursued in creating long-term, commercial solutions to the issue of waste and by-product management. The most significant of these courses of action has been the establishment of Biochar-Energy Systems Pty Ltd, with Mr Russell Burnett, to commercialise the use of pyrolysis for producing thermal energy and biochar from waste poultry litter and other biological waste streams.

Processing by-products and waste streams from the regional poultry industry has the potential to add substantial value to existing businesses by

  • converting bio-waste products into co-products and achieving an additional return from non-core business activities
  • developing long term, sustainable solutions for bio-waste management

What is Biochar?

Biochar is essentially charcoal, or the burnt remains of organic matter. BES has produced quantities of biochar from a variety of bio-wastes such as poultry litter, straw and municipal green waste. However, making biochar is not a simple procedure of burning material and using the charcoal that remains. The process relies on accurate thermal treatment in an oxygen-limited environment. This is pyrolysis.

Bio-char is a nutrient enriched fertiliser able to build soil organic matter through microbial action, and it “locks up” carbon. It is extremely valuable for broad acre agriculture, providing high-grade organic content for soil and plants. Bio-char is biologically available to soil microorganisms.

What BES Offers

BES is able to offer bio-waste management solutions through

  • conducting pyrolysis tests on waste streams to evaluate the potential for thermal energy produced through syngas and to assess the quality of biochar produced from the waste material
  • producing biochar for fertiliser applications
  • manufacturing a pyrolysis system (capable of processing up to 200 kilograms per hour of bio-waste feedstock) to suit your needs.